Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy



Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a subtle, non-invasive technique used to bring our bodies into a greater state of health. Developed by William Sutherland, D.O. in the early 1900’s, like traditional osteopathy BCST stems from the understanding that our bodies already have all they need to heal, they just sometimes require outside assistance to bring back optimal function and range of motion for the many different structures within our bodies.

BCST takes that understanding to the level of the cerebral spinal fluid, a clear liquid that moves in our spinal column, and the dura, the strong fascia that encases our brain and spinal column – also known as our Central Nervous System (CNS).

It is within these two areas of our bodies that every experience we have ever had, from conception through today, is stored. How well our bodies have integrated these experiences determines our long term health. Most experiences our bodies are able to easily manage and integrate. Even small shocks to our system, such as disappointing news, a near miss at a stop light, the anxiety of our child’s first solo trip down the slide, can be easily integrated and our CNS can remain regulated.

There are for all of us, however, experiences that in the moment were just too overwhelming for our CNS to integrate. Such as a major car accident, a significant fall, giving birth or even our own birth. For these the CNS creates a way to manage the experience, a very healthy response but one that requires energy. Over time what was helpful in the moment will be no longer necessary, however our bodies are now programed for that new “normal”. That unnecessary focus on managing can result in both subtle and overt compensation patterns, not to mention less energy available for everyday basic needs.

The BCST practitioner works with those patterns in the body that are being managed by the CNS. Through gentle palpation, hands on listening, and accurate reflection of what is being felt, our bodies can begin to repattern – to let go of what was being managed, and allowing for more health and vitality to be available.

A session is conducted fully clothed, and it is best to have an intention and an open mind. Some feel things right away, but most just notice the deep relaxation. An hour of BCST is the equivalent of a full night sleep as most of the session is spent in the REM sleep state. This happens whether or not you actually fall asleep – although many do!

BCST is beneficial to all of us, as we all have life experiences our bodies are subtly, or not so subtly managing. Physical accidents of any kind, headaches, insomnia, and lower back pain are just some of the ailments treatable with BCST. Because it works directly with the CNS, BCST helps to sooth and regulate acute trauma so the CNS does not hold on and create new patterns to manage. It can also be helpful in regulating the CNS in cases of anxiety, difficulty in conceiving, or other high stress situations.